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I would like to disable defaults security as users get annoyed by security setup, as Microsoft enabled security by defaults.






I don't want to use MFA, Conditional Access or anything else. (yes, I am aware of the risk!)

any suggestions?

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Hi Mohamed,

Don't do it. MFA is probably the most important preventative control there is for identity attacks. It's the bare minimum level of protection organizations should be implementing these days.
You haven't seen a truly annoyed user until you've seen one with all their docs encrypted by a ransomware attack.

That said, you are in the right place for turning it off. If you are signed in as a Global Admin it should allow you to save.

PS: Don't do it.

Hello, @Mohamed Abdulmoez I have the best solution. Use a global admin account to log in to O365. Then hit on ‘admin’ and ‘Azure Active Directory’.


Choose ‘Properties’ and ‘Manage Security defaults’. Disabling the ‘Security Defaults’ will come with clicking the ‘No’ button and confirming the configuration by the ‘Save’ button.


If you need screenshots with more details, here they are:


But what I can really recommend doing right after you disable the security defaults is to make sure you will be able to recover your organization's information after possible security issues.


Consider a verified backup from Nakivo to avoid putting any important data at risk.

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Hi @Terry_Lazer,

it turns out that Password Self Service was on for all users.

when I switched off, it does not ask users again.