Disable OWA encrypt button

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How do i disable the "encrypt" button in OWA?

I have tried with "Set-IRMConfiguration -SimplifiedClientAccessEnabled $false" but encrypt option is still accessible.




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How long has it been since you toggled it?

@Vasil Michev 

so far 18 hours and it is still being visible.


 have the same issue, I need to have RMS enabled, but want to hide these buttons to prevent users encrypting emails themselves any further. I have disabled SimplifiedClientAccessEnabled months ago, but the Encrypt button is still in OWA.


I can disable it using InternalLicensingEnabled:$False, however this also disables RMS in Exchange so my Transport Rules doesnt work anymore which is the only way I want content to be encryptet.


How can we simply hide/disable the Encrypt button in OWA?

@Joachim Fagerland 


Even if i disable Internal Licensing, it is still enabled :\


PS C:\Users\Robert> Set-IRMConfiguration InternalLicensingEnabled:$False
WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings of 'ControlPoint Config' have been modified.
PS C:\Users\Robert> Get-IRMConfiguration

InternalLicensingEnabled : True
ExternalLicensingEnabled : True
AzureRMSLicensingEnabled : True
TransportDecryptionSetting : Optional
JournalReportDecryptionEnabled : True
SimplifiedClientAccessEnabled : False
ClientAccessServerEnabled : True
SearchEnabled : True
EDiscoverySuperUserEnabled : True
DecryptAttachmentFromPortal : False
DecryptAttachmentForEncryptOnly : False
EnablePdfEncryption : False
AutomaticServiceUpdateEnabled : True
RMSOnlineKeySharingLocation :
RMSOnlineVersion :
ServiceLocation :
PublishingLocation :