disable Cci in outlook o365

can we setup a rule in exchnage online to disable or hide Cci on outlook and OWA ? 
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a workaround or solution?
Please rephrase your question. What exactly are you trying to achieve?
sorry for not understanding my question .. indeed there are some users who use the bcc field to send emails to invisible recipient .. our need is to apply a policy to disable the bcc field in outlook and exhange online for some users ..
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If you are looking to disable the BCC button in Outlook, you should do that using a GPO like the one mentioned in below, Outlook 2016 and
2019 may have a different registry entry :-

However if you want to block the emails using a transport rule you can use below :-
This will block email for all the recipients of the email not just the BCC ones.
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In exhange online rule can we specify only the group of users
Because we don't want to apply for all users ..

Hello @Kais_mbarki 

You can add a condition to apply this only to member of a group as well





I will test the solution..