DirSync Errors

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I've got a couple of DirSync errors related to one user in our ogranization. The errors state that there's a duplicate proxy address and UserPrincipalName value. I've checked the user attributes for the duplicate values but everything looks fine in AD. I tried a manual sync but these errors continue to pop up even though there aren't duplicate values from what I can tell. 

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There might be a duplicate value in O365, so check for that. The Get-Recipient cmdlet is usually the fastest/easiest way.

@Vasil Michev I did find some duplicate values in O365 relating to email aliases but it won't let me change those since the account is set to sync with AD. Do I need to move the user to a non-syncing OU and then make the changes? 

No, as that might result in (temporary) data loss. You should be able to make the changes in your AD and force a sync, but hard to tell without knowing which attributes.

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@Vasil Michev The values were for the proxy addresses and userprincipalname. Talking with a coworker who's dealt with this before they've had to move the user to a non synced OU, do a delta sync, restore the deleted user in the o365 admin portal, wait for the user's mailbox to be restored, make attribute changes in O365, move the account back to their respective OU that they were in before, and then delta sync again. That seemed to clear our issue.