Different From Address Display Name

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we are using smtp.office365.com to send email through SMTP.


we are using the correct format: from: "AAA" <xyz@domain.com> to specify the sender address.


However the email is always received on the recipient end within domain as xyz in from address. It always picks up the display name that is specified in the user name properties. 


We removed Anti-Phishing/AntiSpam protection, white listed IP and nothing seems to work. Any solution for that?


It should show as AAA as displayname. our SMTP should override the display name set in user property DisplayName specified.





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@Shahid Roofi Khan 


That's by design. Exchange online always use the the display name set in the user's properties.


As a workaround you can try to use a third party service. Google for "ChooseFrom 365".