Dialog Prompt box for authentication to O365 services



Office 365 Business Essentials (aka no Office 365 Pro Plus)

Office 2013 Standard (ISO Version)

ADAL enabled


When signing into O365 services (eg OneDrive) they get a dialog prompt (see attached).


Looking at the dialog prompt this does not look like the one when Modern Authentication has been enabled.


Can anyone clarify?


Entering the correct credentials will fail all the time.


I know it must be profile related but any advice would be helpful.


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That's the old MSOIDCRL-backed prompt, not the ADAL one. On Office 2013, you need to manually enable Modern auth in the registry, so check for that: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/admin/security-and-compliance/enable-modern-authenticatio...

The dialog box shows copyright 2012. Are you using a very old version of ADFS for your authentication?

Hi Vasil,

The registry entry was missing.

However after updating the entry, logging off and back in again, I am still presented with the old dialog box, but after signing in, I did catch a glimpse of the modern O365 "Trying to sign you in" dialog briefly.

However the outcome is still the same .


With regards to AD Connect, I am using 1.1.882.0


Any other ideas?