Determining which email address an email was sent to when using an alias


Hello folks,


With my marketing hat on I want to test a campaign by using a specific email address for responses. Essentially, this email address will be embedded in the text of the advertisement.


So, I set up an alias. Email arrives in the marketing person inbox but I cannot distinguish email sent to the alias from email sent to them. 


Is there a way to determine which email address the email was sent to? Or a better way of going about this?

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Have you considered using a shared mailbox instead of an alias?

Salvatore, thanks for taking the time to reply.


I'm not sure how a shared mailbox would help. There is no requirement to send email from the alias, it's purely to receive. And the goal is to advertise an email address that appears real to collect responses from an advertising campaign.


Having said all that, and thinking as I write, maybe a shared mailbox is a way to go. I'll set it up and test. Thanks for the suggestion.

That's a fascinating utility, Victor. A bit big for my purpose and unfortunately I don't meet the free requirement of the default mailbox.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Some thoughts:

  1. You will get the incoming emails natively separated from others having a different recipient (which answers to your first question).
  2. The emails can be fully organized in a hierarchy of folders, completely separated from the folders of your mailbox.
  3. The shared mailbox can be accessed by several people (also in the future, maybe), without the incoming emails being definitely "immersed" in your own mailbox.
  4. It is not possible, currently, to send as an alias, while it can be done natively from a shared mailbox.
  5. A shared mailbox is free.
  6. A shared mailbox, though, cannot be currently accessed from mobile (there are some workarounds, but not really satisfactory).

Just my two cents...

Thanks. I'll let you know how the testing goes.

Salvatore, I just wanted to come back and say thank you again. I've tested the shared mail box and it works exactly as I need.


So, thanks for guiding me towards this solution.

You're welcome.

Always glad to help!