Deploying Addins to Office365 using PnP is slow and inconsistent

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Hello Experts,


   We are following this link ( deploy four addins to sharepoint online, however the time taken to deploy is inconsistent. Sometime its slow, sometimes its fast. Given below are the numbers cumulative time taken to deploy addins. We have enabled tracing on console, but the debug info shown is very abstract and we are unable to find out what is happening behind the scenes once we fire the method web.LoadAndInstallApp(appstream).




Add-Ins Deployment Time

3:00 PM

4:30 AM


3:30 PM

5:00 AM


3:53 PM

5:23 AM


5:48 PM

7:18 AM



Please help as we need to optimize the time.

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I don't think this inconsistency is caused by PnP itself. I have seen the same inconsistency deploying apps through the browser... If this is unacceptable to you or your customer I'd suggest reporting an issue through your Office 365 admin center

i would recommend asking these type of questions in the SharePoint Developer group in this network where it will be sure to be seen by many PnP experts. You may also want to post an Issue in the GitHub repo