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Hi Experts

One of my user has an issue, the user reads and deletes emails from his mobile after office hours, but next day morning when user reaches office and open his outlook he still sees deleted emails in his inbox and it takes lot of time for the user to delete these emails again. The users just locks the pc and outlook is always opened on his pc. experts guide me onthis

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Normalt when outlook is opened on the laptop it Will do a sync and then delete the Mail deleted on the phone!

What comes to mind is how you have configured the clients! Are they both configures with the exchange protocol?

Something seems off. Either mail is being forwarded to mobile on a different account of you have a cache issue with outlook. Next time there seems to be a descrepency have the user log into and see if the issue persists there. If not then I would recommend shutting down Outlook and removing the .ost file for the mailbox and restarting outlook.