Delete Online/ In-Place Archive error

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Hello All,


One of my user's online archive is full as per picture below,




I read that if I disable the online archive for 30 days it will be permanently deleted, which is what I intend to do. However, when i tried to disable it, this pops up.



and error stating "The following error occurred during validation in agent 'Archive ParameterSet Enforcement Agent': 'This operation only works with Archive or PermanentlyDisable parameters.'"


What should i do? We are currently using Business Standard license so we don't have additional archive storage. 


Thanks in advance.

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Is that error from the new EAC? what are the steps you are taking to disable the archive?
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Hi Andres, thanks for responding. This is from Microsoft Purview under Data lifecycle management>Microsoft 365>Archive.

however I was able to solve this by using the EAC>mailboxes>affected user>others>mailbox archive