Delegating SfB, Teams & Calendar Invite for Executive Assistant ?

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Hi All, I'm currently on Hybrid Exchange 2013 SP1 CU15 and Office 365. CEO: On E5 Assistant CEO: On E3 COO: On E5 Assistant COO: On E3 CTO: On E5 [Mac User] - Office 365 Assistant CTO: On E3 - Office 365 CIO: On E5 [Mac User] Assistant CIO: On E3 Note, only two of the above are on Office 365 already, the rest are still OnPremise. As the Global Admin, how can I do the delegation so all of the execs Assistants are still on E3 and can do: Create SkypeForBusiness Call / Meeting on Behalf of the Executives? Manage the Outlook Calendar Thanks in advance,
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