Delegate Permissions in EXO- Private Items

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We found a unique scenario that we are not sure if it's "functioning as expected" or not.


We found that when we delegate full access permissions in EXO, the person receiving the permission can see private calendar items of the person they gained access too in Outlook Web. Outlook thick client itself still maintains private items as private and the delegate cannot see those. 


We also tried using the outlook thick client to have the user do the delegate access themselves with the "private items" radio button off. (user should not be able to see). Same results- in Outlook on the Web the delegate could still see private items, while the Outlook thick client could not.


This has been working as expected in Exchange 2013, but after migrating to Exchange Online users were finding this new behavior.


Is this the expected behavior? 



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@mattyounggren Hello, I'm not sure this is the correct answer but the behavior you're describing is identical with a delegates Full Access permissions and protected content (encryption). Meaning, the delegate with Full Access can see encrypted content in Outlook on the web but not when using the desktop client. As far as I understand from reading about it's expected behavior. If anyone else is reading this and know more about it, please reply and update the conversation.