Defining the best work strategy (Exchange 2010, 2016 and O365)

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my Exchange 2010 is already configured with Office 365 (Hybrid).


But we do not have any mailboxes in Office 365.


I'm going to need to continue with some mailboxes on onpremisses, so I can not discontinue my Exchange. Because we use (ad_connect) to synchronize passwords.


We want to migrate the environment to Exchange 2016, but we decided that some accounts will be migrated to Office 365 and some will be in Exchange 2016.


Exchange 2010 is in the central office and we are going to install Exchange 2016 in a datacenter. Then, Exchange 2010 communication with Exchange 2016 will be done over VPN. So our concern to have to migrate all accounts first to Exchange 2016 and then to Office 365.


If we already have Exchange 2010 ready to migrate to Office 365, we believe the best way is to do this first.


But this can be a problem when we install Exchange 2016 because we will have to unconfigure hibryd with Exchange 2010 to configure with Exchange 2016.


So I'm in doubt of the best scenario.


1 - I migrate Exchange 2010 accounts to Office 365, install Exchange 2016, unconfigure the hydrid of Exchange 2010 and configure hydri in Exchange 2016;


2 - Install Exchange 2016, disconfigure the hydrid of Exchange 2010, configure hydrid in Exchange 2016, migrate Exchange 2010 accounts to Office 365? (It is possible?)


Thank you.

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If you haven't got any mailboxes in Office 365, I would first migrate to Exchange 2016 and then set up hybrid.

This is probably the easiest path for you and less prone for accidents.