Defend your Microsoft 365 Users From SIM Swapping Attacks


You might have heard SMS MFA isn't safe, but do you know what's behind the lens?? Well, let me break it now! The reason is evidently SIM-swapping attacks.

SIM-swapping attacks started to spike in 2015 and are still going strong! It is basically an account takeover tactic used by hackers to acquire a duplicate copy of the victim's SIM card for their own convenience.


In SIM swapping, also known as SIM hijacking, the hacker collects the victim’s personal information (email address, date of birth) and impersonates the victim, then contact the mobile provider and convinces them to activate the victim’s number on the fraudster’s phone. 


Ultimately, hackers use this exploit to bypass MFA, reset passwords, steal bank accounts, and gain access to social media accounts.


Perhaps you might be the next victim, too! So, implement the recommended secured strategies as suggested and defend your Office 365 users from such suspicious attacks.

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