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I was recently asked if there is a way to change the default duration of meeting.


i.e when booking a calendar event, if defaults to 30 minutes. What I was asked to do is change it to 1 hour.


I found the setting under calendar, it works everywhere except when booking directly from the calendar.


I found that changing the time scale view accomplishes that, but changes the view of your meetings/calendar too. 


Is there a way to implement this or time scale is the only way to do that?



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If I understand your question correctly, I think the reason when booking directly from the calendar is because clicking on the calendar automatically highlights 30 minutes of your day, if you click and drag it can be an hour or more. It's not using the default meeting length in this case, rather using the time window the user has selected.



Yes, but then even if you don't select anything on the calendar and just click on new meeting it defaults to whatever your time scale setting is. So the only way we know for now is to change time scale to 60 minutes. Just not sure if there is a registry setting for the time scale so we can roll it out company wide as opposed to asking users to change theirs manually.

Seems the same for me when I test using that method. I can't seem to change it even within the app without changing the time scale setting. Tested on a few machines and all the same.



Yes. I guess at this point it's safe to assume there's no other way. 

Just weird though that it doesn't work the way it was described in the options. 



I have been searching for this answer forever. I found a solution that makes my life so much easier, and even though this was years ago, I thought I'd share for anyone else who is struggling with this same issue.


In Outlook or Teams, when you schedule a new appointment, typically you click on the spot you want the time of the meeting to start, and then schedule the meeting (in Teams, the scheduling window pops up automatically, in outlook, you have to right click and schedule meeting/appointment).


Instead of clicking the spot when you want the meeting to start, click and hold down the mouse while dragging to the next spot. Then proceed as you would when scheduling before. In Teams, for example, you'll click on the 9am block, drag it to the 9:30 clock beneath it, and when you release the mouse, the meeting window will pop up and it will be 60 minutes. in outlook, do the same, only then you would right click to schedule the meeting.


So simple, and yet I've spent the last 4 hours trying to find a solution. Hope this helps someone out there.