Default font for O365 tenant for authoring applications

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Has anyone else been asked if they could set the default font for Online authoring apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)? Not to a custom font or anything like that, but to the actual fonts available in the for use in the apps like Arial or one of the variations? Looking to get some best practices regarding this or some pointers on how to make this easier for our users to potentially speed up adoption.


Yes, there is a UserVoice for this - feel like it could be a pretty big win for everyone potentially if this was something that could be controlled in the Admin Center.



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It's a common ask, but the Online apps are using shared infrastructure, so it's not that straightforward to provide tenant-specific settings. Plus, you have the dependency on browsers.


The more UV votes there are on it, the better the chances. I'd suggest voting on one (or all) of the app-specific ones, for example here are few for Word Online:

@Vasil Michev Agreed regarding the dependencies and browser compatibility - but like for the fonts that are available and implemented in Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online that might be easier to enable. Right now starts with Calibri but it would be nice to set like Arial... Comic Sans... Papyrus... :D