Decommission your on-premises Exchange 2010 server in a hybrid deployment

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Scenario two

Issue: My organization has been running in a hybrid configuration for about a year now and have finally moved my last mailbox to the cloud. I plan to keep Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) for user authentication of my Exchange Online mailboxes. (This scenario would apply to any customer that is planning on keeping directory synchronization).

Solution: Since the customer is planning on keeping AD FS, they will also have to keep directory synchronization since it is a prerequisite. Because of that, they cannot fully remove the Exchange servers from the on-premises environment. However, they can decommission most of the Exchange servers, but leave a couple of servers behind for user management. Keep in mind that the servers that are left running can be run on virtual machines since the workload is almost completely shifted to Exchange Online.


So if we need to keep one Exchange 2016 server. After the Server install, I have noticed that may ask to update the  Service SCP on Windows 2016 server and configure Virtual directory URL etc etc,


But  this

say SCP set to null and remove the hybrid configuration?


We had few Exchange 2016 servers and they all were decommissioned. So installing the new Exchange 2016 need schema update and domain update? 


We can see some send and receive connectors and mail flow through this server. 






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Since you already had 2016 in your environment so your schema is already expanded.

@DeepakRandhawa  Thanks for your reply but do I have to run that again or setup will pickup?

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setup should pick it up
I have a question. We remove hybrid synchronization between on-prem exchange server and Office 365. There is a Microsoft tip keep one last exchange server for administration. Is it mandatory or what does it mean in practice? We would like to get rid of this last server because cost. Thx in advance for answers.