Decommission Exchange 2010 Hybrid and adding Exchange 2016


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   What are the things should check before decommissioned? 



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Hi, the two key things usually are;


  1. Ensure that the Exchange 2016 server has the required SMTP relay connector to allow programs and devices to send emails.
  2. Make sure that the arbitration and discovery mailboxes are migrated to the Exchange 2016 server.

Once that is done, and you are happy that all other mailboxes have been moved, I recommend powering off your Exchange 2010 servers for at least a day to check there are no issues, then when you are happy, power them back up and uninstall Exchange 2010.

@PeterRising  i have some automation servers and try to test SMTP relay form power shell didn't work.

do we need port 25 enable from these servers?







  When adding exchange 2016 to 2010 hybrid, send connectors created automatically. 


  So when i uninstall exchange 2010, will uninstall the Send connector too?


 We required for the SMTP Relay.



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Hi, no the send connectors are org wide, unlike receive connectors which are server specific.  Take a note of the send connector settings though just in case you ever need to recreate manually,