Data Governance Retention Policies Do Not Appear to be Enabled

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We have created a Retention Policy in Data Governance via the new Security and Compliance Portal.  We have set Exchange Email to include All users and Exclude none.  From my understanding, this console is a one-stop spot to enable all of the backend policies from one convenient console.


When I look at the policy created in the GUI using Powershell, the ExchangeLocation information fields are blank.  According to the article below, these values should be populated.  Also from the article below these fields should be added seperately.


Has anyone seen this behavior before?  Once you set the Retention Policy up, how can you tell that it's enabled, working, and applying to one user vs another.





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Empty equals "all" in this case.

Thanks Vasil but is there any way for me to tell for sure?

You mean you don't trust me? :( I'm not aware of any document that mentions this, if that's what you mean.

Oh not at all!  I meant no disrespect!  :)


Thanks for the info!

Hi Vasil,

If empty equals "all", why is it that when I create a Compliance Retention Policy that only targets Exchange in the GUI, PowerShell shows {} for all categories: sharepoint, odfb, exchange, skype, and moderngroups?


How can I apply a RetentionCompliancePolicy to only a single workload via PowerShell?




Are you referring to the *location properties? Those will only be populated if you use the -DistributionDetail switch. To create a policy applied to only Exchange, use the -ExchangeLocation switch with the "All" value.

Hi Vasil,


Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for.  i didn't notice there was an additional switch that had to be used to get the full details.  Is there a reason for needing the detail switch as opposed to simply exposing these properties by default?  Seems like an unnecessary step.


That's a question only the devs can answer :)

Hi Vasil,

Could you point me in the right direction, and explain how to execute this command?

Set-RetentionComplianceRule [-ExcludedItemClasses <MultiValuedProperty>] <COMMON PARAMETERS>

I have every permission I can find, but yet the -ExcludedItemClass does not seem to be available via PowerShell.



Doesn't seem to be available for me either, most likely a documentation error or a feature that will be coming in the future. You should be able to adjust the query (-ContentMatchQuery) to exclude certain item classes though. Read here:

@Jeremy Silber  did anyone ever get back with you? I am also looking for the information on -ExcludedItemClasses.