Customizing Privacy Controls for Microsoft Graph Insights with the Graph Explorer


The Microsoft Graph collects huge amounts of signals about Office 365 user activity. Some of that data is used to generate insights into information that might be interesting to users. You can already disable insights in Delve, and now Microsoft allows you to disable insights elsewhere in Office 365. The downside is you’ve got to patch the Graph organization settings to limit insights, and that might just be outside the ability of the average tenant administrator. Unless they use the Graph Explorer to do the job.


As a side note, this is the second recent example of how Microsoft uses the Graph to store settings that Office 365 tenants might want to customize without enabling control through a GUI or PowerShell. That's not a great way for them to help administrators manage their tenants. I don't think the Graph Explorer was designed for this purpose, but it's a good job that the tool exists...

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