Custom Junk Mail policy - don't delete at all

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One of the CEOs wants to have his junk folder never cleaned.
How do i setup an own rule for him?
All other users simply should use the default setting.


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I guess creating a new retention policy and add retention tag for the junk folder to never delete and add all the other tags needed and apply the new policy to just CEO. I am assuming mailboxes are in office365

Have never done that. Could you please elaborate?

In office365, Exchange admin center, go to Retention tags, add a retention tag for junk folder and then create a new policy . You should find articles online how to do custom retention tags and policies.


an example is in the following article:





I just wanna add that you might want to enforce a Retention Policy Update after the change, to make sure that the change applies to the specific user.

You can do this through the following PowerShell command after connecting to the MSONLINE service:

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant –Identity “USERNAME