CSP Reseller relationship to administer partner tenants

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i would like to use the option to administer some of our customer tenants with my own corporate identity. To achive this i already created invitations in the Microsft partner portal which were accepted. So at this moment i'm already enabled to dive directly into the partner tenants, because my user account is inside the "AdminAgents" group.
Now it comes to the following two problems:


  1. What i've experienced (and don't like) is the fact, that at this point every administrator in my company who is in the AdminAgent or HelpdeskAgent group can administer every partner customer. How can i grant rights to e.g. Admin1 and Admin2 to administer the partner tenant A, B and C; and Admin3 and Admin4 to administer Clients X and Y?
  2. Is there a possibility for the customer (tenant) to have a look who (in person) can administer his tenant?
    At this moment the customer only knows that "SampleTenant123" is his partner.

Thank you in advance! :)

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Anybody got an idea?