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I have two different office 365 accounts

Let say



I want to fill the form in https//  then data has to store in Test list under https//


is there any way with REST API or JSOM 


Please let me know if any done earlier.

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No directly, but this is something you can do with an Azure Function that connects to the second tenant when is called from the first one

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thanks for your reply.


One of my friends sends one link

i'm able to get security token but I did not get access token....


Can you send the best link to do step by step?

@Raju123 Do you have Microsoft Flow. If yes you can do it without any code.  

Thanks @Maruthi Gadde


Yes we have MS Flow. Do  you have any example or reference. 


Please let me know.


Appreciate your help.

@Raju123  Did you get this. if not let me know . its easy