create rule on outlook 365 with 2 actions

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i work in company with Office 365 and create rule in my outlook that when i get email from some address i want to move it from inbox to folder, BUT when it's include some words in the subject to or body i want it to move to other folder.


p/s: i use office 365 client on my laptop but now my rules created only on the server side (in this way it's help me to do the same on my outlook app on my phone).

means, i want that all my rules will be on server and not on client.


this is possible? 



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You will need two rules for that, one that detects messages with the specific words, and another one that acts on all other messages.

thanks @vasli,
how you suggest to build this rule?
rule 1: move the message from specific mail address to folder
rule 2: move from this folder all the messages that include some words in the subject to or body to other folder?

@tomko2020 Do you want the message copied to both folders or 'moved to A but if word in body, move to B instead? '


You'll need to use two rules, but to avoid duplicates, you'll need to use exceptions - move to A except if word in body... then rule 2 will look for the words in the body. 


@Diane Poremsky 


Hi, thanks for replay.


i want some messages from address will go to folder - this what i done

but in this folder i want that only specific words form this messages will move to sub folder. this possible? 


if yes, how?