create office365 user automatically in a group

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Is it possible that, when I create a user in office365, it automatically adds it to an already existing group ?

Instead of doing it manually at each user creation ?

thanks !

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Hi There,


Yes, it is possible if the group type is dynamics distribution list, it will automatically add the newly created users. Once you create a dynamics distribution type group in Office 365/Microsoft 365 then it will ask you to add the conditions to specify the group member tryp to be added under Members section.


To create such group, follow below steps: 

  1. In the EAC, navigate to Recipients > Groups > New > Dynamic distribution group.

  2. On the New dynamic distribution group page, complete the following boxes:

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The downside of dynamic Azure AD groups is that they require Azure AD Premium P1 licenses. Dynamic distribution lists do not. In both cases, the trick is to make sure that the query underpinning the group will include all new members.

The question is what type of group is desired? If it's a Microsoft 365 group, it's easy to script the addition with the Add-UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlet. If a distribution list, use the Add-DistributionGroupMember cmdlet. Or use the cmdlets in the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK...