Create new mail for receive and send without other application of office368 E3 plan

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Hi all!

My first write here (excuse for my poor english because I'm french! ;) )


So, I want to create a new mail adresse for receive and sending mail only.

Can I have this without buying a new licence of office365 E3 plan or not?

May be, only a licence exchange online is reuired.. no?

Can I buy this type of licence in my office365 E3 plan?


Thank's by advance!



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For each user and mailbox you need a license. You can have multiple addresses (aliases) though which won’t require more licenses! It’s still the same mailbox!

You may also create a shared mailbox that don’t require a license ( afaik up to 50gb ) but in order to use it , the users accessing it must be licensed!

You can see you subscriptions and licenses from the admin portal, and depending on setup also buy further licenses from there!


Thx Adam for your answer!


I anderstand and I want to use this mail box as any other mail box (outlook web / outlook, receive /sending mail) and I can't do this with shared mailbox.

I don't want to use a complete licence of my office 365 E3 plan..

So which licence I must buy (or free?) to do this? (like may be?)


Thank's by advance.



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You could buy a exchange Online Plan 1 license which is a mailbox up to 50 GB / Plan 2 for unlimited!


/ Adam