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I am using exchange 2010 hybrid environment, for one my user i want to create his mailbox on cloud. i have created Account in AD, if i run the below syntax from onprem will the mailbox gets created on cloud.


Enable-RemoteMailbox "glenn.maxwell" -RemoteRoutingAddress ""


On cloud how can he use as is routing address and our domain is,  on onprem do i need to create alias as or additional email address in cloud as, which will work for me.


to change the alias will the below syntax work for me from onprem.
Set-RemoteMailbox -Identity -Alias glenn.maxwell


in case if i need to add addition email address what syntax do i need to use.please guide me

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The user will get a primary email address based on your email address policy. This is the address they get, and presumably your MX points to on-premises and so the routing address just ensures the messages are forwarded to their cloud mailbox. They will send out from their primary address.