Create Groups without clobbering listserv email addresses

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My company uses listserv.  They have used it for a long time and have thousands of listserv addresses.  The addresses are all at the root level of the company domain.  I.e.


We have purchased O365 but the ability to use Groups has been turned off because when users create groups they clobber the listserv email addresses if they happen to be the same name.


Is there a way to configure groups to append something to the end or beginning of every Group.


Ie.  I want to create a group called Finance.  I create the group using one of the several methods to create it but the email address would be set to something like  Or perhaps a subdomain like


This would be very helpful.


I would get the listserv people to change but it's been around forever and that elephant is not going to budge.


Thanks for your feedback!

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Yes, take a look at the naming policy feature:


The feature requires Azure AD Premium licenses though.