Create a Task From a Message in Outlook 365

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There is a way to create a task from an email message?

Similar to flagged it, but with more options.

Create a task, add a subject, due date, etc. in a regular New Task screen. Linked to the email message.

Maybe using an add-in button? just like boomerang.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Villafwelii,

Would recommend Microsoft To-Do if you are not already using it. Microsoft is currently working on this functionality as shown here on the To-Do user voice

As the task states 'Our team is currently working on an option to show Flagged Items from Outlook also in To-Do as task items'

Best, Chris

Thank you Christopher.

Is Microsoft replacing Task with To-do?

Have you tried simply dragging and dropping the message onto the task button/pane? :)

Hi Vasil

Yep, but it does not work in Office 365.


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Have you considering to use Flow ?


You could of course customize it to fit your own needs ;) 


Formation :


Hope it'll help you 

Hi Villafwelii

To-Do replaced Wunderlist. AFAIK, it is not going to replace Outlook tasks, but rather it is an app that is designed for personal task management. A good synopsis can be found here: and even on Microsofts site at it is marketing as integrating Outlook tasks.

If you select here it will give you an idea of what Microsoft is working on and as you can see they are integrating it across the Office 365 stack to things like Cortana and for management with Intune.

Hope that clarifies,

Best, Chris

Um, I guess the question is what exactly do you mean by Office 365? It sure works in my Outlook, part of Office 365, connected to an Exchange Online account. Are you perhaps referring to the webmail?

Yes Vasil. I am talking about the Outlook web client, as part of Office 365. Thanks

I noted that To-Do seems to be more for personal use. I am using Task for work.

Thank you Chris.

If you can't get it to work out-of-the-box, it can certainly be done via an add-in, but your simplest solution is going to be using Flow as suggested by Hadrien-Nessim Socard. This will give you the ability to create as a To-Do or an Outlook Task or even some other task management system outside of Microsoft (as long as there's a Flow connector for it - the choice is yours).

Nice tool! I will learn about Flow.

Thanks Hadrien

Thank you Cameron. Yes, I liked Flow. I will check it for sure.