Couldn't verify account - shared activation issue

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some of our users, roughly 10-15% are experiencing an activation issue:



Our setup:

Shared computer activation, with the tokens saved on a network share. AzureADConnect sync. Office 365 licenses assigned via Office 365 portal.


The above error message is displayed for some users. The tokens of the affected users are not being updated. When signing the user out of any of the Office 365 apps, nothing really happens. The user account remains in a half-signed in state (don't know how else to describe this behavior). Then when going to Account > Sign in, the first window asking for the email address appears. The user then provides the correct email address and clicks Next, and then instead of the password prompt window appearing, the window asking for the email address just disappears and nothing further happens. 


Now there is a manual workaround for this. And no, it's not editing the registry keys like mentioned in many other posts. What I discovered is the following:

1. Account > Sign in

2. Now provide an email address with an active O365 subscription other than the broken account

3. For some reason now the password prompt window appears

4. Instead of completing the sign in with this different account, click 'Sign in with another account'


5. Now when you provide the original email address of the account that couldn't be verified and didn't cause a password prompt, for some reason Office now does prompt for the password and everything starts working again after providing the password. 

6. The tokens are now updated as well; this is confirmed by checking the modification date of the two token files. 

7. However, the error will come back after the tokens expire after ~30, because for some reason the affected user profiles will not update the tokens which triggers this issue in the first place. 


I've browsed a multitude of forums and articles regarding this issue but have not found a permanent solution. The above works for us as a workaround but it's becoming quite annoying not only for our support staff but also for the users. 


Does anyone have a permanent solution for this? 




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