Cortana not searching Office 365 emails


Cortana does not search my email or any Office 365 - Exchange Online or CRM Online related content on my Windows 10 PC.

How to troubleshoot and resolve issue?



 - latest Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 on a PC

 - Cortana up and running for other apps (HealthVault etc.) normally

 - Cortana signed in with my Office 365 and CRM Online account

 - I have Office 365 E5 plan with CRM Online Pro plan on my user

 - Office365 tenant is configured to allow Cortana for all users

 - Tenant is first release

 - no beta/preview/unsuported solution, everything is production ready (GA/RTM versions)

 - problem persists for all users

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And still same problem occurs. Is there anyone who has Cortana searching its Exchange Online emails? how? Or displaying calendar events from Office365 user mailbox?

(btw, Windows10 Store app - Mail and calendar are working corretly)

I'm struggling with the same topic.


I found this which seems to indicate it is possible, but have had no luck.


I found mention that you need to have Windows Mail configured for your O365 account to make it work, but that hasn't helped either.

It seems that search provider for email, calendar etc are missing in Cortana...


How to fix that?

Any info?