Copy and paste from Excel to SharePoint One list not working

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Hi everyone,


Since this week we are not able to copy and paste from Excel sheet to SharePoint Online List, my customer was used to copy and paste many lines of Excel to a List in one step but now it's not working anymore, we tried on many computers and different navigators same issue.


Someone have the same problem ?

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Hello Sylvain,


Have you tried IE? According to my experience this only works in IE.



Bart is correct, copy and paste from Excel into a list has traditionally only working in IE

Has the view in your list or the order of the columns in your spreadsheet changed? Could it be that the data simply doesn't fit any more?


Do you get any error messages or does the data simply not appear on paste?

 I don't get any error messages, the paste just don't work

Thank you ! It's working with IE but strange i'm sure it did work with others web browsers

@Sylvain Jacquemard 


I got similar problem and its due to many inforamtion pasted in previous operation of copy paste were not validated as per rules set in Sharepoint List. I have refreshed the page by going in view mode and then coming back to edit mode and it started working for me. 

@Sylvain Jacquemard I have the same problem. I have a SharePoint list on a Mac using the Edge, Chrome or Safari browsers and have been able to copy and paste multiple columns from Excel to that list (using Grid View of course) every week for many months. Until Now. 

I am not going to use IE!

Hello! With IE is going away has anyone found a way to copy and paste from Excel to Sharepoint in Edge or Chrome?

Also looking for help on this issue. IE officially no longer works, and apparently there are no solutions for some key functionality like this and opening in Windows Explorer? 

Hi there! Just last week my team discovered that you can add the Internet Explorer mode onto Edge and when you work in this mode cut and paste works.

To add the IE Mode, go to Settings in Edge and in the search put in Internet Explorer mode. Scroll down and you will see the Internet Explorer mode option and you can slide it on. Once on, you should see an icon that looks like a little page with an “e” on it on your Edge Browser on the left upper corner once you close  the browser and reopen it.  Hope that works for you as it did for me!