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Microsoft provides no electronic contact possibility on her website that one can use to get into contact without to sign up for an account. Furthermore, if I use the contact possibilities I can be sure by 110% to get a contact person, that is not competent in the field, I am interested in. So what about the legal requirement that companies have to offer an electronic contact possibility on the website?

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What legal requirement are you concerned with?


And what subject matter do you want to discuss? I bet that in most cases, the right approach is to contact your local Microsoft office, who are best positioned to deal with the details of the local market (including legal issues).


Thank you for the answer.


The legal requirement ist this one:

In other countries there exist similar laws.


Please tell me, what you mean with "local microsoft office"? How can I contact it? I do not find an E-Mail-Address for such an office. Or do you mean I should look into the company register and go personally to the address? Do you think, someone there could answer my question?


Hoppla, one information is missing. The original question was, what ist the etymology of the name excel? But my post does not refer to this question, but it refers to the contact avoidance strategy of microsoft.


Well, a simple search for contact information for Microsoft Germany turned up:



Do share more about your question on the etymology of name Excel, do you have a theory?


Exacly what I said. No E-Mail or any other possibility of electronic contact. This means, it is illegal in my opinion.


I will do the test and tell you what happened, but I bet, I will not get the desired information via telephone. And regarding my suppressed name, I do not post my real name on sites that look like illegal.


But nevertheless, thank you for your contact and for your informations. I know, I probably sound like a troublemaker, but tell yourself. Is not it possible that a corporation like Microsoft actually provides easy contact opportunities. Even the cobbler around the corner has his electronic contact on the website.


Best regards


"illegal" is an opinion only proven when decided upon by a court of law...


I do find it interesting and a tad incongruous that you won't expose your identity on a site that is obviously run by Microsoft (click the certificate details in the browser to confirm this) when you want to hold Microsoft to account for something. A Microsoft representative couldn't contact you if they wanted to do so because you don't expose your email address.



Excuse me please, if i correct you. Illegal is, if it violates the law, even, if no lawsuit is pending. Whether it is a question of doubt, which would have to judge a judge remains of course left to your decision and also to mine.

Is it a microsoft site? Whom can I phone and verify the fingerprint? And microsoft sends me emails from this blog, so a microsoft representative can contact me by writing a post. Moreover, I am sure, Microsoft knows exactly who I am. And a littel bit more of explanation. I contactet Microsoft prior to my posting via chat and the technician of the chat redirected me to this blog. It was only through this question that I realized that it is almost impossible to contact Microsoft for such questions. If Microsoft would prefer to contact me by email, then the Microsoft technician would have been able to initiate this quite well. But no, he directs me to this blog and now I'm the one posting on the wrong blog and now I am the one that does not disclose his data, and now I am the one who is suddenly in a forced move and is the one who is not outgoing. Nice twist of the facts.

But I understand, you have the opinion, that Microsoft is super, even in this question and I am in the opinion, that Microsoft, in some cases offers, very good services and very good software and on the other hand, like other corporations, disregards its customers.

Best regards

We can argue the point endlessly, but the simple fact remains that nothing is illegal until proven in court. Up to then, it's just allegedly illegal. Lawyers argue, judges judge, plaintiffs pay.


I don't have an opinion that Microsoft is super. I just try and be reasonable. I'm sure if you phone Microsoft at one of the numbers given in the web site, they'll do their best to help. The folks who try and help people here can't help you sort out questions of law and corporate responsibility. You'll have to go elsewhere to do that.


And if you have a technical question about Office 365, perhaps you can do two things:


1. Search to see whether your question is answered elsewhere (in another site or through an answer already given in a forum here).

2. If not, ask the question again and give whatever supporting evidence you have to help people understand the question and what might be causing the problem. None of us here are blessed with X-ray vision or have understanding of your specific circumstances, so we need data if we are to help.


No one is twisting any facts. We just don't have any facts about Office 365 to discuss... and that's what this forum is all about.


Your opinion about illegality sounds skuril, but ok. And also ok, it is the wrong place Microsoft directed me to.