Connecting a scanner to Exchange in Office365

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I have a scanner/copier that I want to setup scan to email. I cannot simply put in the email addresses, because the email never gets to the Exchange server. Is there some sort of connector or link I need to setup in order for this to work?



Stephen Keating

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There are several options available, depending on the capabilities of your device. Read here:

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Thanks for the information, but my Exchange server is in the Azure cloud. Do you know how to connect and on prem copier/scanner to that?

@Vasil Michev 

I had SMTP Auth setup AND working in the HP 82250 printer prior to enabling MFA for the clients email domain. The SMTP Auth did use one of their work email addresses and passwords to "send" from "Scan to Email" process when scanning from the HP scanner. Now that MFA is enabled, I cannot get any combination of settings to work.