Connect existing e-mail to a office 365 group

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I have a shared inbox that I want to connect to a new Office 365 group. I want the e-mail to the group to be the same as the shared inbox. Is this possible?



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Hi ,

At the moment its not possible to convert a shared mailbox to an Office 365 group. There is a current uservoice open for this with many votes which Microsoft is reviewing but there is no ETA on it currently and it looks like it hasn't been updated in some time.

Would recommend voting, but if you need to do this quicker or there is an urgent requirement, you would, as Vasil says below copy server side.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris
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How do you import a PST to an O365 Group though? :) You should be able to copy the items server-side, via Search-Mailbox or similar, generally speaking. However, since Group mailboxes only expose the Inbox folder and lack a number of features you might be using with shared mailboxes, I would really advise against such scenario.

Glad you picked that up @Vasil Michev - I was wrong on that point. Been one of those days!

I’ve amended that now. Thanks again!

Best, Chris