Connect Email to Forms

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In my workplace we have 3 buses that can be booked. Each bus is a resource in Outlook and has its own mailbox. I would like to create a Flow that is triggered when one of the buses receives an email booking that is formatted correctly. The Flow will read the information in the body of the email and prefill certain fields on an MS Form. When the driver goes to drive the bus for the booking they can then open the same MS Form and fill in their details such as Name, Departure Time, ODO Reading etc. This will reduce errors and also save time for the bus drivers.


I have looked at Flows and found one which can create a page in a OneNote Notebook from an email. When I tried to connect MS Forms it seemed the only 2 actions for a Form involve taking responses from the form, not filling in fields in the form.


Am I mistaken in what the actions do? If not, does anyone know how to do this or have any better solutions?

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