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Dear all


I have seen the new advertised microsoft project..but I am a bit confused. 


The look and feel of the workspace is great, however, if I buy the latest project pro, will I get this look and feel? 


In short, is Project plan 3 or 5, the same as project pro?


If not, how are they integrated? 


Thank you in advance..

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Hi, Microsoft renamed Project Online Professional last year to Project Plan 3 and Project Online Premium to Project Plan 5. There is also a new Project Plan 1 which combines some features from these plans but without the desktop program and some other missing features.


Project Plan 1 is for teams that need the essential capabilities of managing task-oriented projects like assigning tasks and dependencies and scheduling and tracking project work using lists, boards, and timelines. At just $10 per user per month, this subscription is an ideal way to get started with Project.


There is a comparison here:


The original announcement about the new Project is here


My understanding is you need any of these three plans for the new Project experience.


If your looking for more details, this is worth a look:  


Hope that helps.

Mmm, thank you very much, but still confusing.
I usually use Microsoft Project Professional, and my main issue is that I wanna know, what buying project plan 3, for instance, will add to me?
Why I can’t see the new attractive workspace/interface in my project professional?
Can project professional online work on my Mac?
Thanks :folded_hands:

My take on this is your getting features that you would otherwise need Project Server for, all wrapped up in online service and subscription, a bit like what Exchange Online is for Outlook.  This actually explains it better:


To be clear, Project Online is NOT a web-based version of Project Professional. Project Online is an entirely separate service that offers full portfolio and project management tools on the web. It includes Project Web App, and can, depending on your subscription, also include Project Online Desktop Client, which is a subscription version of Project Professional.


You can connect to Project Online with these requirements:


  • Project Professional 2016

  • Project Professional 2019

  • Project Online Desktop Client (subscription version included with the appropriate Project Online plans)



  • Internet Explorer: The most current or immediately previous version.

  • Microsoft Edge: The most current version.

  • Safari, Chrome, or Firefox: The most current version.


Thank you
I am now more confused than ever. :)

You'll only get the 'new Project' as a web online service integrated with Office 365 through a Project subscription plan, nothing much changes in the desktop app though as best I can tell.

Now it is clear!
Thanks :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Would this work on Mac?
Desktop and online are different products and not interoperable. The online tool is Project "Lite", although quite capable with a limited feature set for simpler projects at this time. The project online tool also can roll up to "Roadmaps" (high level summaries).

Most likely Project online is the future, but the Project desktop app you know and love will be around for a long time due to its complexity.

Hopefully the Project online tool becomes embedded in Teams and replaces Planner. Anyone from Microsoft care to comment on that?
Super clear!

@Mohamad_Dawas wrote:
Would this work on Mac?

Via the browser yes, with the supported versions I mentioned a couple of posts up including Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. There isn't a desktop app on the Mac. 

I have been trying to buy Project Plan 3, since two days! But no luck!
Bless Mac and Apple how easy they are..
It keep asking me to create new account, every time!
Please help

@Dawas530I've been trying to conceptualise an improved PMO capability within our business that uses MS Project and also slots into MS Teams & Planner. The current confusing suite of Project Web, Project Online, Project Client...


You can link a project task to a Planner Plan, but only from the desktop app (I think?) and the project needs to be published first, but there's no Publish option. Seriously looking forward to having Project integrated with Office 365.