Conditional Access to Block Office365 Portal

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CA can be applied to O365Apps to block access to Exchange/SharePoint/etc. based on ip, device compliance, Hybrid joined, Apps etc. we have done that but We like to block access to Office365 portal completely from unmanaged devices, not just individual apps since it is showing file preview, search in organisation etc. this is seen as significant risk. Screenshot show the view that i want to disable completely.
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Not possible afaik. Unless you select the "all apps" condition.

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@Vasil MichevThanks for reply. Is there any other solution i.e. Third party to block only Office365 Apps ? 

The only think that comes to mind is an MCAS app policy:


But that requires additional licensing/configuration and I'm not sure you can scope it down to just the Office portal.

@Vasil Michev  Is it possible to add MFA to, prior to sign in to Outlook, Teams etc ?