Comment Tags notifying other non-associated members as well

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Some of our staff periodically get notification emails of comments left on particular documents in SharePoint randomly.

e.g You comment tag person2 but person3 also gets a message about it, even though they don't have anything to do with the document.

At the moment it seems to only be affecting one particular member enough that they email me about it every time, they don't want it, happens every other day.

I've read something about turning off One Drive or SharePoint page notifications but they still need notifications for when they're tagged in documents, it says they're batched separately however they don't have independent toggles. Other places say or show @mentions as separate to comments, but has that since changed?



Support page demo below



I'm sure its just that they're subscribed or following changes on a document or something like that, but I can't figure it out.

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