Combine Azure international (intone) and Office 365 Germany (data)

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As you may know, besides the international azure/office365 there is another German version, that is operated by Deutsche Telekom. Because of Data Protection law and recent Cloud Act in US, my company wants to use the "German cloud". 

This is completely okay for Office, Sharepoint, Onedrive, Skype. But other services like Intone (device Management) and AIP (Information Protection) are non existent in the German cloud - and nobody can tell me if and when these services will be available. 


In consequence I want to combine best of both worlds. Use intune for device management from the international version and all other services from Germany. As the German cloud is fully separated, you have own accounts (tenants) there, as well an own azure ad.


Would it be possible to connect with worlds via b2b connector or access the German cloud as kind of company app?