Collect/concatenate planner tasks from different teamsites

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I work in a small architecture firm and we have been using Office 365 for about two years. Some time ago we started using teamsites, creating one for each building project, adding document libraries to hold building plans and meeting resumes, jotting down ideas and problems in OneNote. Recently we started using Planner, adding specific tasks to each project.


Rather than browsing through each project, checking which tasks are new or due, have or haven't been completed, I would like to set up a page which collects data from the planner of each teamsite (within one site collection).


Which is the best way to do this? I would expect Power Apps to be the tool to tackle this.






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PowerApps can be an option but what first thing you must have clear is from where you get the data and the answer is from the Microsoft Graph....PowerApps can work with the Graph, but you will need to build how to get the information you need from Planner and how to properly display to users. As an alternative to PowerApps, you can ask a developer to build a Tasks aggregator in SPFx
Or if you got money to spend on a product you could look 3rd party. I saw this the other day while looking things up.

Seems like it might be able to do what you want, no idea on cost etc. thou. But an option.