Collaboration between multiple domains

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I am setting up Office 365 for the first time for our school. For now, we will not be using Office 365 for email, but primarily for home access to Microsoft Office and for collaboration features such as OneNote Class Notebook. Our faculty email right now is on a self-hosted Exchange server using one domain, and our students use G-Suite (Google) on a different domain.


I have two options for my Office 365 accounts.

  1. I can put faculty and students all on the student domain also used for G-Suite
  2. I can setup the faculty on the faculty email domain and the students on the student domain.

Option 2 would be preferable because everyone is used to associating faculty members with that faculty domain, but will we have the same collaboration features on two domains that we could have with one. I raise the question because in our current setup, for teachers to collaborate with students on G-Suite, they have to get a G-Suite account in the student domain.

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Well you can have multiple "domains" in the same Office 365 "tenant", so associating the students/faculty with the corresponding domain should not be a problem. Moreover, the cross-tenant collaboration features in O365 are... challenging, so best stick with keeping them all in the same tenant (using different domain names).