Cloud-Only Configuration

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The customer wants to start from NULL O365 "Cloud-Only" environment.

What should be done so that the employees can work in an O365 Cloud-Only environment?

I see most links talk about Hybrid Scenarios but not something start Cloud-Only from scratch. 

  • The tenant is arranged
  • Domain registration
  • E5 Licenses are ordered
  • DNS entries
  • Create Cloud-Only account and assign License to accounts
  • Configure O365
  • Intune
  • Win10 Devices

How O365 Cloud-Only should be configured?



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What exactly is your scenario?
Do you have users and data to migrated from on premises then to run cloud only or just start from scratch?
What exactly do you need help with?
Have you created a tenant?
How to configure your tenant is up to you depending on needs etc..
But as a start you should:

Create a tenant

Add your custom domain - under setup - need to either let Office 365 host the DNS for your domain or enter the DNS records in the DNS you have today for the domain! Either way you need access to the dns..
Decide where to get licenses and but them. Either from a CSP or MS!
You can start out with a trial and use those licenses in the beginning
Create the users and Apply a license
This is kinda self explanatory when you are in the admin portal
It’s hard to help you without knowing exactly what you need!

Start here for creating a tenant with E3 trial