Chromebook SSO to Android Office 365 apps

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I'm working on a pilot using Chromebooks with Google Play app support and Office 365 Android apps. I've been using this guide to set it all up:


This works nicely, when a user starts their Chromebook they are prompted with an Office 365 login dialog. When they logon and go to everything is SSO, no need to enter credentials.


However, when they then open let's say Excel 365 Android app, it's asking for an email address and wants to sign-in again so there is no SSO. When I authenticate one time to Excel some other Office 365 pick up the credentials and work as well but not all (like Word, Powerpoint works but Teams, Skype don't).


I think this is because play store apps use the G Suite / Google Apps account which is synced from Azure rather then the Office 365 one.


So the question is how can I fix this, enable full SSO to Chromebook Android Office 365 apps? Maybe even pre-configuring apps like Outlook, Teams etc. There is no on-premise domain, it's Azure AD only for now.



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@martijnk79 did you get any further on this?  Did you try the Office 365 Chrome extension?  Hopefully looking in to this soon.