Channel Mail forwarding to Team Mail

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Hello everybody,
We have set up various email groups in our Office 365, from which we have created teams in MS Teams. We are now looking for a way to display all emails sent to the mailing list in the team. As an example: an email to should be displayed in the channel of team 1.
We know the possibility of sending email to a channel, but there the addresses cannot be changed and are very cryptic.
Is there a solution to our problem? Can the channel email address, for example, be entered in the mailing list? Or is there a plugin for teams to manage mailboxes?
If this is the wrong forum, where can I get help?
Thank you so much!

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You can certainly create a contact object for the corresponding channel address and add it as member of the DG in question. Dont expect wonders though, as the email support functionality in Teams is pretty much non-existent...

@tj3690 , have a look at ChannelAddresses tool - it might help you at least partially.