Changing theme of Excel, Power Point and Word

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I have just reinstalled a fresh version of Windows 10 on my old computer.  The computer originally came loaded with Windows 8, but after a few years I was able to upgrade for free to Windows 10.  After using the computer for several years, Windows 10 was getting rather slow with all kinds of bugs, so I reinstalled it fresh, and have since added my programs back one at a time.   


Before re-installing Windows 10, I had used Microsoft Enterprise 2007, and was able to enjoy Word, Excel and Power Point with their respective blue, green and red themes (the banners at the top were solid colors, with the writing areas blue, green or red, depending on the theme being used.  At one point, however, I upgraded to Office 2016.  I also loaded Able Word, but then uninstalled it.  Following these changes, no matter how I tried, I was unable to return to using Word, Excel and Power Point where the pages bore their respective blue, green and red banners.  Based in part on this problem as well as the other bugs and slowness with Windows 10, I reinstalled Windows 10. 


I have now subscribed to Office 365 Personal.  Since then, in an attempt to change the themes to what I want, I have opened Word, Excel and Power Point, selected file, options and tried to change the theme from white to colorful, with no success.  Even when the theme is listed as colorful, the respective colors do not appear.  I have also selected design, selected themes, also without success.  


To be clear, I want the specific colored background that one finds with each of these programs, that exists whether or not you are working on a particular document.   


Can someone please help me obtain the ability to get back the backgrounds that I want to have.  Naturally, thank you for your assistance.    

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