Changing the main email address for an account (Active Directory / O365 / AZ AD)



I've been trying to find a way to change an email address in O365 for a "shared" user account, lets call it support. The email assigned for that account is showing, lets say "mike@xxxxx". Howeverm the only thing I could change was the "Alternate email"....

What I've tried:

  • Found the user in O365 -> My account -> Personal Info - the email is visible there but I cant change it. Also see link to "Why can’t I edit?" ...well, I guess it's because it is synced from on-prem

  • Found user in Azure AD -> Profile -> Edit, but again, I can eddit only "Alternate email"

  • found the user in on-prem AD. There doesnt seem to be that email assigned anywhere. Email field is empty - see the attached picture

AD Support.jpg


The on-prem AD is synced with O365/Azure via Azure AD Connect - so I would expect it takes info from on-prem AD. In the O365, when I click on the user and check MAIL tab, there is no email assigned to it.


I'm lost here.... how.. or where could I change it please? There is a possibility that the user account was called "mike" originally and was renamed at some point to "support", but not sure.... all ppl working on that are not with the company anymore...

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It's not the "email" field you need to edit in your on-premises AD, but the proxyAddresses one. Alternatively, you can run the following cmdlet against Exchange Online PowerShell:


Set-Mailbox shared -WindowsEmailAddress

@Vasil Michev : thanks for the hint.... I've found that proxyaddress and changed that in on-prem AD. Waiting now for Azure AD Connect to sync and will check again what is the result. 


Just FYI - when I check the "support" user in Azure AD, there are 3 fields under Contact info: email, alternate email, and proxyaddress. So I expect the proxyaddress will change, ...will see whether also email field will change.