Changing Proofing Language for an Entire Presentation in PowerPoint


Turns out you can't just change the Proofing Language for an entire presentation in PowerPoint. You have to select text boxed one by one in order to change the proofing language. So the question is, is this the only way or there is some workaround to it? Thanks. 

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I am an independent advisor and have investigated and tested this inquiry.


You can assign the Set Proofing Language to all text boxes on a page or to all slides at once in PowerPoint Desktop. 


  • You must change the view to Outline.
    From the ribbon, Select View | Outline

From the left Outline navigation pane, complete the appropriate options below


Option 1: Individual Slide: Click on one slide, then press Ctrl + A to select all content on the page.


Option 2: Multiple slides: While holding down the Ctrl key, click on the preferred slides. For example, Slides 1 and 3. This method selects and deselects multiple objects and the content on the page.


Option 3: Entire presentation:  This time, select all slides by pressing Ctrl + ATeresa_Cyrus_1-1656871414095.png

  • Now, you can set your proofing language.
    From the ribbon, select Review | Language | Set Proofing Language
  • Choose your language


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@Teresa_Cyrus  thanks for providing an answer, unfortunately this hack does not work for me.  I am on version 2202 (build 14931.20858). Is your solution linked to a specific version?


Hi @KimWJ9


It appears that your last update was in February 2022.  When I wrote the original response, I would have had June v2206 or July v2207 versions. 


I currently using PowerPoint Windows version 2212 (Build 15928.20198) and the steps provided above are still valid.


Please update to the latest version and retry.


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This method doesn't work for me either

I will retest it and report back in couple days.