Changing Licenses


I am migrating users from an A1 license to A5. Removing the A1 and applying the A5 license immediately after doesn't remove any data does it? The user would effectively see no change apart from new products associated with the license.

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Hi @Rhys Williams,


You have to do the change in the same step. Remove, Add and then Save Changes in Office 365 portal.


Note: If you remove, save changes and then apply, it will remove the license and could cause some issues on the user, like OneDrive, Mailbox and so on. 


Best regards,

Nuno Árias Silva

Hi @Nuno Silva 


I have done it in AzureAD as I am migrating users to group-assigned licensing and had to manually correct the conflicts. 365 seems to be able to cope with it I was just checking I wasn't going to miss anything on the backend.

Ok @Rhys Williams,


Glad that all that is a smooth transition.


Best Regards,

Nuno Árias Silva