Change one click archive folder in Outlook/OWA

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Is there any way to change the target folder for "one click archive" in Outlook or OWA?


Some time ago there was one way in files -> tools menu, but that point seems not to exist any more.


By now you can neither change the folder nor rename it.


I startet archiving in "year"-folders. Because of not beeing able to change the folder that functions is useless.

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Is it these settings your looking for?   archive.png

No. I mean the "one click archive" that can be used via the "Archive" Button in the Outlook "Start" Ribbon:
No, I mean the archive button in the Start Ribbon from Outlook.

"The Archive folder is one of Outlook's default folders, like Inbox, Sent Items, and the Deleted Items folder." See

You can't delete it, you can't rename it and you can't choose to archive (using the Archive button) in another folder.

Hope it helps...

I know that support article, but it is not quite correct. The archive ist no default folder like inbox.

All default folders are created at the setup of a mailbox, but not the archive. You have to create it on your own.

It seems that microsoft changed a good feature to a useless one, if you started to use archive folder before that change.

Sorry, but I have never created the Archive folder, and nevertheless I have it...

I have spent the last 20 minutes realising I have the exact same issue.
I have an archive folder called 2018 (I named it when I could).
Now I cannot rename or point one-click archives to another archive folder (though i can create more)

Really dumb from MS here

My answer comes a bit late, but yes, this can be done.

Go to file, then under the "Account information" settings, click on Mailbox Settings (Tools icon) and Set Archive Folder.





I was happy to see your post!

I like this post because it tells me where the setting should be.


However, when I click on the Tools icon for Mailbox Settings, I see only the first two of the four options that are displayed in your screenshot.


Oh, well.  Perhaps I just cannot configure the target-folder after all....


It is possible to rename these default folders to their default names. To do this you have to go to Outlook Online and change the email language setting to some other ie. spanish. Then reload the page, logout. Login using private window then change the language back to your preferred language and tick the box below asking if the default folders should be renamed too to match the language. Now the folders are named to default value. In my case somebody had renamed this archive folder and moved into other folder. The name was correct after these steps but I couldn't move the Archive folder in the top mailbox folder which is very disappointing.

You are a genius!